2016 – Italian GI-N2K Workshop in conjunction with the National AMFM GIS Italia Conference

Education and training in geographic information

New opportunities from a European vision

June 10, 2016 – University of Salerno (Italy) – ex Facoltà di Scienze – F3 Building Classroom P1 Level -1

AMFM GIS Italia and the University of Salerno organize a workshop about the new Geographic Information Body of Knowledge (GI–BoK) and its use in practice.

The aim of the Workshop is to demonstrate and validate the updated GIS&T Body of Knowledge and the tools realized within the European project Geographic Information: Need to Know (GI-N2K) funded by the EU Erasmus Lifelong Learning Program. The revised BoK version consists of a virtual laboratory, a dynamic e-platform (wiki-based format) that includes tools to explore and use the content, to define curricula, training opportunities and courses and to define job profiles.

The Italian GI-N2K Workshop is free of charge and is addressed at everybody interested in geographic information, students, researchers, intermediate school teachers, professors in the academic or private area, professionals in the GI industry, public administrations and organizations. Participants are invited to test the BoK in response to their specific needs of education and competences, of demand for and supply of geospatial education and training. Two sessions are scheduled.

The former introduces the GI-N2K project results. The basic content and some didactical aspects are emphasized, while the technology-supported design strategies are discussed. Then, the VirLaBoK (Virtual Laboratory for the Book of Knowledge) system and its components are introduced. The latter session is devoted to the analysis of a real case study introduced by a specific professional association. The field test is meant to show how potential ultimate users of both the demand and the supply side could collaborate to define learning paths in order to bridge the gap between needed competences and teaching on offer.

The Italian GI N2K Workshop is part of a series of eight local GI-N2K plugfest workshops organized in 2016, whose aim is to demonstrate and validate the updated GIS&T Body of Knowledge and the GI-N2K tools. The workshops take place throughout Europe, and many of them are linked to other national or international events.

Scientific Committee

Berardi Laura
Bosco Emilio
De Roberto Paola
Farruggia Sergio
Grimaldi Michele
Murgante Beniamino
Salvemini Mauro
Sebillo Monica
Tortora Genoveffa
Vitiello Giuliana